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Toward Independent Living (TIL):

Independent Living Skills (ILS) Training at CIL

CIL's fee-for-service ILS program is called Toward Independent Living (or just TIL, for short).  TIL serves  consumers of Regional Center and/or the Department of Rehabilitation, and the availability of TIL services is subject to the approval of Regional Center and/or the Department of Rehabilitation; TIL services are provided free of charge to consumers (all fees are paid by Regional Center and/or the Department of Rehabilitation).

Note: people who are not eligible for TIL services may still be able to receive ILS training from CIL through one of CIL's Independent Living Peer Counselors.

TIL provides ILS trainees with a one-on-one ILS Instructor who will work with the trainee to identify goals and to develop and carry out plans for achieving those goals.  A typical ILS goal involves learning (or improving) a skill that will enable the trainee to more successfully live on his/her own (i.e., without relying on others for help).  Common ILS goals include:

  • Money Management
  • Meal Preparation
  • Medical/Dental Care
  • Personal Health & Hygiene
  • Public Transportation
  • Self-Advocacy
  • Home & Community Safety
  • Community Resource Awareness
  • Independent Recreation

TIL ILS Instructors can spend between 10 and 40 hours of one-on-one time per month working with their trainees to help their trainees achieve their goals.  ILS trainees and their ILS Instructors can meet in the trainee's home, in the community, and/or at CIL for training sessions; The trainee chooses what goals to pursue, how much time to spend pursuing which goals, and whether to abandon old goals or add new ones. In other words, the ILS trainee directs his/her own individualized program;he/she decides the pace at which he/she wants to work, and he/she has the power to drop out of the program whenever he/she wishes to do so.

For more information about ILS training generally or about CIL’s TIL specifically, please call (510)841-4776.