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Assistive Technology (AT) Services at CIL

What is Assistive Technology?

Assistive technology, often referred to as “AT,” includes just about anything – that is, any physical material or object – that makes it easier for a person with a disability to perform a task.

Assistive technology devices are aids which substitute for or enhance the function of some physical or mental ability. Assistive technology can be anything homemade, commercially available, or purchased off the shelf and then modified that is used to help an individual perform some task of daily living.  Assistive technology encompasses a broad range of devices from “low tech” devices (e.g., pencil grips, splints, paper stabilizers) to “high tech” devices (e.g., computers, voice synthesizers, Braille readers).

Common examples of assistive technology include:

  • Mobility aids such as walkers, canes, scooters, and wheelchairs,
  • Visual aids such as screenreading software, magnifiers, and scanners,
  • Listening aids such as TDDs, close caption TVs, and hearing aids,
  • Household management aids such as environmental control switches and remote controls,
  • Communication aids such as communication boards and AAC devices (which produce digitized speech), and
  • Computing aids such as voice-input software, mouse alternatives, and ergonomic keyboards

CIL’s AT Specialists can:

  • provide you with information and referrals
  • help you learn what sorts of assistive technology might be useful to you
  • where such assistive technology can be found, often times at reduced or no cost to you
  • you learn to use specific types of assistive technology
  • speak at a meeting about about AT option.

CIL’s AT Specialists can assist employers, governmental agencies, schools, senior centers, and other community-based organizations. 

For more information about assistive technology resources available to you, please contact:

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