Speak Out

Youth, adults and seniors with disabilities
are finding their voice and being heard
within their communities and families.

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Want to Live on Your Own Terms?

We can help you develop a plan to achieve your goals.

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Looking for Community?

CIL has a variety of support groups and
workshops where you can find information,
encouragement and support.

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Want to Work?

CIL specializes in helping people with
disabilities market themselves to employers.
You can also learn how working
will effect your benefits.

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Don't See What You Need?

If you haven't found what you need,
Information & Referral Specialist
are available to offer you more assistance.

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Welcome to CIL

CIL provides direct services to residents of Alameda and West Contra Costa Counties with disabilities. We also offer extensive information and referral to anyone who needs them. Learn More
We are available by phone 9AM - 5PM
Voice Phone (510) 841-4776
Video Phone (510) 356-2662